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To be skilled is great power!

Jamaica is the “Land of Wood and water.” We have great people, great legacy and a great Brand. We have a beautiful culture that can be captured in anything, especially wood. We have vibrant colours, different motifs and world-class local craftsmanship. I want to showcase to the world the vibrancy, culture and creativity of our people through our products… All in Wood.

This project is the legacy of my father. I grew up in his furniture shop beside him and watched as he trained dozens in the art of carpentry through his Apprenticeship Programme. I built on what my father started with the aim of growing into a sustainable enterprise that benefits the community and the wider Jamaica, through the provision of jobs and skills training. I saw how employment and training provided empowerment and change in the young men’s lives and how that intersected with the demand for Jamaican wood products globally and in the tourism industry. I could help my family and my community, save the environment and earn while doing so – people, profit, and planet. I made sure that I also empowered myself through training at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean in Montego Bay.

With your donations to this campaign, our company will be able to meet surplus demand and hire at least one additional young person into the business. We also employ persons in the role of carvers and turners who have been displaced by furniture and wood products imports. We even use local taxi and bus men to assist us in our deliveries island-wide. Jamaica has the highest number of youth convicted of crime in the region, according to the UNDP Caribbean Human Development Report 2012. There is a strong correlation between youth crime and youth unemployment.

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Bartley’s offers hope, skills, purpose and an alternative to crime. Not only are we helping stem youth unemployment, but we are ALSO a community business, which means that the income we earn is distributed throughout the community. Tourism is our main income earner.

Why should a guest come to Jamaica and get a souvenir “Made in China”?

With an engraving machine, we can emboss our pieces with our client’s logos, Jamaican motifs faster and easier and fulfill our vision of ‘Tourists to Jamaica getting Jamaican Gifts made by Jamaican Labour from Jamaican Wood.’

How will the funds be used?

We have significant unmet demand in our business for our handmade wooden products, including:

  • ‘Outta Many One Wood’ Coasters
  • Exotic Wood Coasters
  • Outta Many One Wood Pastry Boards
  • Photo Frames

We currently produce 100 coasters per week and 35 boards per week, while our demand is for 250 coasters per week and 100 boards per week.

Most of these products need to be engraved. To meet the engraving requirement we currently ship to Kingston and wait 2 – 3 weeks for completion. Acquiring an engraving machine will cut the lead-time to a week. We will also save on the cost of engraving and earn additional income from engraving for other small producers.

With YOUR support, Bartley’s will be able to purchase industrial grade machines allowing us to:

  • Meet Demand: With an engraving machine, we will be able to meet the demand of branded and logo items for local hotels and gift shops in a timely manner and compete with imports from China.
  • Provide Skills Training: Train and employ more young men from rural Jamaica getting off the streets and giving them a skill for life.
  • Save the environment: Help increase Carbon Sequestration by using up more off cuts and preventing them from being burnt, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Grow a Small Family Business: Increase inflow of capital that will be used to upgrade factory and create more jobs and expand the training programme. Bartley’s already supplying several distributors, and has pieces on sale at both of Jamaica’s international airports. We now need assistance to develop and increase the family’s production process to satisfy larger orders and on time delivery. We would also appreciate market leads.
  • Continue to Positively Impact Community Development: Through job creation and the creation of a community supply and value chain.

Thank you so much for your support! Please donate to our campaign by clicking on the link to the right, and start receiving rewards!

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