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  • Spoken Wood Car Ornaments


    This from our spoken wood brand is a piece of Jamaica you can always hang in your vehicles. its made with wood from Jamaica and is a simple and neat design to suit your souvenir needs. The material used in this item is carefully selected by our team, made with the utmost and intricate attention to the details of the designs.

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  • Spoken Wood Sign


    This is of our souvenir collection. Have a piece of Jamaica when you walk to your door with a popular Jamaican greeting or saying. Made from and by Jamaican. We try to keep spoken wood signs as natural as possible, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible as we can.

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  • Sale!

    Wedding Pickets

    $35.00 $25.00

    Wedding Pickets are handcrafted in Jamaica from select hardwood. Upon completion, each sign is lettered with print. This is perfect for your weddings.

    The cost is per unit, not sold as a set.

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  • Wedding Sign


    You will love this Natural Stained, Hardwood wedding plaque, at your wedding as a photography prop. This can be used as a welcome sign for your special wedding day.

    PURPOSE: Wedding Ceremony or Reception Wood Sign for seating guests.This sign is versatile and will suit many wedding and party styles including country, elegant, formal, casual, backyard, country and western, modern, farmhouse, barn, destination, christian, Jewish, religious, and more. Appropriate for use at wedding ceremonies wedding receptions. Wooden venue sign.

    WEDDING PLANNING: A premium quality sign informing guests of informal seating arrangements at the actual wedding and or reception.

    Size is 24″ * 17″

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  • Woogie


    Woogie Pony Tail

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