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    ‘Outta Many One Wood’ Board Eat Drink & Be Married

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    Exotic Wood 8*10 Photo Plaque

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    Exotic Wood Board -Name


    We developed our signature line of wooden cutting boards to be both beautiful and functional. Our boards also provide stability during use and look handsome enough to keep out on the counter.

    • Crafted of sustainably harvested
    • Hand sanded and finished.
    • Finished with food-safe beeswax.
    • Designed and made exclusively by Bartley’s in Jamaica
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    Exotic Wood Cake Topper


    We make beautiful cake topper for weddings, birthday, anniversary and all events. We pride our selves on the excellent craftsmanship and focus on maintaining our quality assurance for you our valued customers. This item is both eco-friendly and stylish.

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    Exotic Wood Cocktail Plate

    $30.00 $45.00

    This amazing product from Bartley’s All in Wood is to hold your wine glasses and fruits or pastry. this is a new and very unique design. Made from wood found in Jamaica this product, handmade in our factory, was crafted by our top builder and designers. We bring quality, sturdiness, unique and simplicity all together for you our valued customers. All our products are eco-friendly and easy to use.

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    Exotic Wood Luggage Tag

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    Exotic Wood Rum Box


    Distinguished by gorgeous reddish brown hues, our rum box brings the warmth of cedar wood to your countertop while organizing favorite recipes. Cedar wood is tight-grained and extremely sturdy.

    • Made from solid cedar wood.
    • Slide lid
    • Polished to a smooth finish.
    • The unique grain patterns make each piece one-of-a-kind.
    • Holds an Appleton Rum  in the case 7 12* 11 5/8 *5 3/4  
    • Coordinates with other accessories in our Carlene Collection.
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    Exotic Wood Square Board – Eat Drink & Be Married

  • Sale!

    Exotic Wood Wine Box

    $60.00 $100.00

    Store wine and other accessories in this stunning box, which brings the natural warmth of Jamaican Cedar to the modern home. We have 2 (two) different type of wine boxes, stained and natural designs. Engravements are optional and are free. The storage vessel is crafted of ultra-strong Jamaican hardwood and lacquer finished inside and out. Highly skilled artisans hand finished the boxes.

    • The hand-finished exterior is protected by a clear lacquer finish.
    • Sliding Lid
    • Depth of the inside is three and three-quarters of an inch (3 3/4”)
    • Width of the inside is three and three-quarters of an inch (3 3/4”)
    • Length of the inside is twelve and three-quarters of an inch (12 3/4”)
    • Interior holds a 750 ml wine
    • Customizable with your image at an additional cost

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